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Frugal Tip: Too Many Tomatoes

Too Many Tomatoes - MeanyGoat

Can there ever be Too Many Tomatoes?

During every summer we usually have a few weeks when the tomatoes are ripening much faster than we can eat them and we end up with just too many tomatoes. So what to do?

If you search the internet then you will find plenty of recipes for tomato sauce, tomato juice and chutney. These are all great options but can take quite a while to do. Another choice is to try drying tomatoes and this link will give you the details about how to do that:

Drying Fruit and Vegetables

But is there anything else that I can try if I really do have too many tomatoes??? Well, ever thought about freezing them? It is quick, simple and enables you to have a home grown alternative to canned tomatoes for recipes like curry, bolognese or ratatouille.

How to Freeze Tomatoes:

Too many tomatoes? Just freeze the buggers! The best kind of tomatoes to freeze are the Italian plum types since they have a higher ratio of solid material to liquid, but in reality you can use any kind…just follow these steps:

  • Only freeze tomatoes that are in perfect condition and not pulpy or over-ripe
  • You can remove the skins if you want but there is no need at all…if you like your food to have structure and texture as well as healthy fiber then keep the skins
  • Make sure that the fruit are all perfectly dry
  • Put 10 or 12 in a standard plastic freezer bag, expel the excess air and tie a knot in the end
  • Load the bags into the freezer and refer to the instructions about activating the “rapid freeze” option for an hour or two

That is all there is to it! The key points are using perfect fruit and freezing it quickly. Slower freezing leads to ice crystals forming inside the fruit which makes it more mushy and flavorless when you come to use it.


How to Use Frozen Tomatoes:

Frozen tomatoes make a great alternative to the canned variety….and there is the added advantage that you can use as much or as little as you want. All you need to do is go to the freezer, find a bag of tomatoes…untie the top and take out the number you need and leave the rest in the freezer. You can defrost the frozen tomatoes in the microwave…or just leave them in a covered bowl for an hour or so before cooking…..but best of all you can just bung them straight into whatever you are cooking while they are still frozen! Imagine you are making a vegetable curry….after you have added the onions, potatoes, peppers etc just put in the frozen tomatoes. Stir the curry mixture and leave to simmer on a gentle heat with the lid on until the mixture is thoroughly cooked.


What to do with Too Many Tomatoes - MeanyGoat

If you have too many tomatoes at the end of the summer just try freezing them whole


A Frugal Tip from the MeanyGoat…..Too many tomatoes? Just freeze them because it is simple, quick and efficient.


And if you are unsure about why tomatoes are soooo good for you then just check out this link:

Can there ever be too many Tomatoes?

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