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Things to Buy in Bulk

Things to buy in bulk - MeanyGoat

Things to Buy in Bulk that will Save You Time & Money!

Bulk buying can save you time and money…but how do I choose the best things to buy in bulk? Get it wrong and you end up with a freezer full of crap and load of tins that you have no idea what to do with!! Get it right when you choose things to buy in bulk and you can almost stop going shopping for months on end…think of the time that would save…. Read on to learn how to make the right choices.

How to Choose Things to Buy in Bulk:

Things to buy in bulk - BeansTinned StuffIf you use things like tinned tomatoes and beans then these are a great choice. Go to the local discount supermarket and stock up with enough for a couple of months. These basics will be twice the price in a regular supermarket.
 Things to Buy in Bulk - PastaFlour, Rice & PastaThese basic food products will all typically have a shelf life of around a year. Investigate where you can buy them in large 10 or 20 kg bags. The cost per kilo will be a fraction of the regular price you pay.
 Things to Buy in Bulk - OnionsSeasonal VegetablesIn the Autumn or Fall there are all sorts of special deals on potatoes, carrots and onions either at the farm gate or in the local supermarket. If you have a basement for storage then stock up. I just bought 10kg of onions for the regular price of 1kg!
 Things to buy in bulk - ApplesSeasonal FruitsApples in the Fall for winter storage and peaches, strawberries and currents in the summer to freeze or make jam with. buy direct from the farm or at a “pick your own” place for the best prices.
 Things to buy in Bulk - SpicesSpicesThe tiny bottles of herbs and spices sold in the supermarket are just daylight robbery. Grow your own herbs and dry or freeze them and search out the ethnic shops where you can buy curry powder and other spices in plastic bags.
 Things to Buy in Bulk - Toilet PaperToilet PaperYep, everybody needs this and there is no harm having 50 rolls stored in the loft or garage in case you get a jippy tummy!

In general it is always best to ignore the supermarket “buy one piece of overpriced crap and get two more useless things you never wanted free” special offers….they are usually optimized around what they have in stock rather than what you need. typically the special offers also focus on the premium brands rather than the cheaper “own brand” versions which are often exactly the same quality.

Where to Buy Things in Bulk:

Once you have decided WHAT things to buy in bulk then you need to find the best places with the cheapest prices. If you have access to a “cash and carry” outlet then these are good choices since they will stock catering sized packs of all the basic ingredients you are looking for. The problem is that these mostly have a membership system now and you need to prove that you are a reseller. Next on the list are the regular discount supermarkets. These will not often sell the large packs but they will sell the regular sized packes at crazy low prices. However, the hidden Gold Mines are often the ethnic shops specializing in Indian, Turkish or Thai food. Here you are certain to get a warm friendly welcome and will soon find big sacks of flour, bags of nuts and loads of interesting spices. For the fruits and vegetables just look out for the roadside signs advertising the farmers that are selling direct from their gates. Also explore online shopping options which offer free delivery.

Other Bulk Buying Ideas:

Once you have your shopping list of things to buy in bulk…and have investigated the best places to buy, them it is time to put it into practice. However, you might live in an appartment and not have much storage space. Bulk buying also means spending your money up front…and that can be quite a big investment. So the obvious answer here is to talk to your friends and see if you can club together and split the larger quantities between you so everything is easier to store. Mention it on your Facebook page & see who is interested!

Benefits when you Decide to Bulk Buy:

Bite the bullet and start looking for things to buy in bulk and then you will soon realize that there are plenty of benefits:

  • Lower costs – properly planned bulk buying will save you a ton of money
  • More time – Stop wasting time at the weekend with routine shopping
  • Less Time in Shops = Fewer Impulse Buys – the less time you spend in shops the less you will buy. Impulse buys can sonn add up to a significant proportion of your budget and the marketing guys are experts in getting us to part with our money without us even realizing
  • Make new Friends – If you club together to bulk buy then for sure you will start to meet more like minded people

So take a Frugal Tip from the MeanyGoat and start thinking about things to buy in bulk…start saving yourself time & money! Just make a list and make a plan!! Please leave your comments about your ideas for the best things to buy in bulk!

Here are some other ideas about bulk buying to inspire you: Buy in Bulk at

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