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The Best Way to Boil Water

Is this Really the Best Way to Boil Water

Save Time and Money by Choosing the Best Way to Boil Water….

Most people probably remember reading that the best way to boil water is by using the microwave – in fact this is wrong and the correct use of an electric kettle is quicker and cheaper. Sometimes the obvious choice is not always the frugal choice! Read on to discover the MeanyGoat test results….

Checklist for Saving Money when you Boil Water:

  • Find a small kettle that allows you to boil a single cup at a time
  • The standard size is 1.7 litres, try to find a 1 litre model
  • Never fill the kettle full, just add the amount you need
  • Keep a measuring jug beside the kettle to help use the right amount
  • Keep the kettle clean and de-scaled
  • Switch off as soon as the steam comes out – the cut-off is often too slow to react

How much can I save?

That depends on your kettle and your habits, but here is a summary of real tests carried out by the MeanyGoat using an Energy Monitor:

  • Full Kettle with 1.4 litres of water uses 0.13kw/hr of electricity to boil
  • 1 x 300ml cup of water boiled in the kettle uses 0.03kw/hr of electricity
  • 1 x 300ml cup of water heated for 2 minutes in the microwave use 0.04kw/hr of electricity
The Best Way to Boil Water - MeanyGoat

The Best Way to Boil Water – Kettle connected to an Energy Monitor

Energy Monitor - MeanyGoat

The Best Way to Boil Water – Energy Monitor showing real time results


Boiling a single cup in the kettle rather than filling up the kettle and boiling the whole lot (we all do that because it is easier) uses 77% more energy. Wow, what a waste!!

Find your best friend the calculator….

Lets do some simple sums on the calculator to work out an annual saving…..

  • Saving per cup = 0.1kw/hr
  • Four cups a day all year = (0.1 x 4) x 365 = 146kw/hr
  • Here in France a unit of electricity (1kw/hr) costs 0.0826€ for daytime units
  • 146 units x 0.0826€ = 12.06€

The Bottom Line

So by keeping a measuring jug next to the kettle and only boiling the amount of water you need each time you need a cup of tea or coffee should save you around 12 euros a year. Now that doesn’t sound much….but think of another nine or ten simple ways to save a similar amount and you have an extra 100 euros. Lots of very small changes in you lifestyle can really add up to a big overall saving of energy and resources. Give it a try, give yourself a free payrise!

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