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Spicy Bean Burger

Spicy Bean Burger - MeanyGoat

Spicy Bean Burger Recipe to Blow your Socks off!

A spicy bean burger is a great alternative to a regular burger, apart from being really healthy they will cost you next to nothing to make! Good for the BBQ or just everyday cooking…can be eaten in a bread roll with relish or just on it’s lonesome with salad. Since all the ingredients are under your control you can really turn up the taste and spicy heat factors to suit your palate. Forget those limp overpriced bean burgers in the health shops or the organic section of the supermarket…frankly they taste like wet sawdust. Make your own in minutes and taste the difference!


Spicy Bean Burger Ingredients List:

Spicy Bean Burger - Chilli

You can’t really make a spicy bean burger without chilli!

Once you get the idea of how to make a spicy bean burger then you can vary the ingredients depending on what you have to hand. They are a good way of using up left overs. For example, if you make your own Soya Milk then the bean residue is just perfect for this recipe. Equally, left over carrots or potatoes or pretty much any other vegetable can be incorporated to vary the mixture and ring the changes….

  • Black beans, red beans, chick peas, pinto beans or even baked beans – The cheapest ingredient is the bean residue left after making soya milk..;apart from that just pressure cook whatever dried beans you have in the cupboard.
  • Potato or Sweet Potato – Either of these are great but you can also use carrots or even parsnip
  • Onions and Garlic – These are good added to include every time
  • Herbs – If you like fresh herbs then try experimenting with chopped sage, thyme and rosemary leaves…but coriander would probably be nice as well for a change…
  • Spices – Your call here, but I like to use fresh chilli, paprika, and curry powder. Other good choices would be to add toasted cumin and mustard seeds and some fresh ginger for even more heat.
  • Bread Crumbs – Either from a packet or just make your own from a slice of dry bread zapped in a liquidizer or blender

Don’t forget to be careful when you are chopping the chilli…it can really sting your eyes and other parts of your anatomy….here is how to do it safely – How to Chop Chilli Without Burning Your Willy!


How to Make a Spicy Bean Burger….Fast!

Spicy Bean Burger - Frying

Just fry your spicy bean burgers in some olive oil for a few minutes each side on max heat!

This recipe is very forgiving so there are no strict measurements…it is more of a “touchy feely” sort thing where you dive in there and get your hands dirty!

  • You need roughly equal quantities of beans and potatoes. So if you are using left over soya beans then you will have around four ounces or 100g. For this quantity you will need to add one sweet or regular potato.
  • Cook the beans in a pressure cooker and when the pressure has gone down open it up, drain out most of the water and add the diced spud. Put the lid back on and let it just get up to pressure then turn it off. Alternatively just cook your beans and potato as you normally would.
  • Mash up the beans and potato then add the finely chopped onion, garlic, all your spices and the bread crumbs. If it is too liquid then just add more breadcrumbs until you get a consistency that you can roll and mold in your hands.
  • Take a golf ball sized chunk and gently flatten it out and put it on a plate. Get all your burgers ready and lined up!
  • Find the largest diameter flat frying pan that you have and put a good load of olive oil in the bottom so that there is a complete layer of oil. Heat up the pan on max for a couple of minutes and then using a spatula carefully add each burger. You should be able to fit 5 or 6 into a decent sized pan.
  • Flip them over after 2 or 3 minutes and the cooked side should be starting to look golden brown. You will find that eventually all the oil gets absorbed and somehow vanishes after you have flipped the spicy bean burgers over a couple more times. Total cooking time is usually around 5 minutes per batch.

Once cooked the burgers can either be eaten immediately or put on a wire rack to cool. After that they can be frozen or stored in the fridge to eat either cold or zapped for 30 seconds in the microwave…..there you go, quicker than getting the car out of the garage and driving to McDo!

Recipe Books

Here are some great recipe books to give you loads of ideas about other veggie burger variations…

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So, take a frugal cooking tip from the MeanyGoat and start making spicy bean burgers….they are fun to make and cost next to nothing!

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