Snow on Car Roof

Snow on Car Roof – Get it Off Quick!

We all know that it looks really cool to drive around with massive pile of snow on your car roof, but actually it is pretty dangerous and can cost you money. Left your car parked up for a week…or just heavy overnight snow? Snow on the car roof is bad news and you really need to bite the bullet and get it off as quickly as possible, and certainly before you start driving the car on the road. Read on to discover the risks and what you need to do!

Snow on Car Roof – What are the Risks?

Snow on Car - Not Cool

Snow on Car – It is really not cool to drive around like this! Get it sorted!!


Driving around with snow on your car roof and bonnet poses a real risk both to yourself and other road users as well as pedestrians. It is not enough to spend a couple of minutes clearing the front and back windscreens…you need 360° visibility as well as clear headlights….and all the loose snow removed:

  • Snow on the bonnet or hood will start to blow onto your windscreen as soon as you start driving and can obstruct your view
  • Snow on the roof or boot will fall off bit by bit as you drive and can then fall into the path of cyclists, hit pedestrians or blow onto another car and obstruct the view
  • Snow is heavy and can cause damage when it falls off at high speed. A 4 inch layer can weigh up to 35Kg…imagine that landing on you from a passing car!

So even if you are not concerned about your own safety you need to remove the snow in order to make sure that you do not cause somebody else to have an accident.

Snow on Car Roof – What are the Costs?

Ok so it’s dangerous to drive around with snow on the car roof….but surely it’s not going to cost me anything? Wrong!!! Snow is frozen water and that adds weight to the car. The snow sticking up on the roof also interferes with the aerodynamics of the car. The combination of these two factors is bad news for your pocket….the extra weight and the impaired aerodynamics will mean that you use more fuel. Halfords have estimated that this could add up to 2% to you fuel use. Right, I get that now, but 2% isn’t that much right? Well, it could be just the tip of the iceberg….if the police spot you then you could also be up for quite a hefty fine in many countries around the world!

How to Remove Snow from Your Car Quickly:

Snow on Car - Not enough to Clean the Windscreen

Snow on Car? Just using a scraper to clear the windscreen is not enough!


  • The best option is to avoid getting the snow on your car in the first place…so always park under cover or in a garage if possible
  • Remove fresh snow as quickly as possible – fresh snow is much easier to remove that old, compacted and frozen snow that will require scraping
  • Invest a few Dollars in a proper snow brush and you can clear the car in just a few minutes. A special plastic broom will not leave scratches!

Look for something like this with a wide blade and a telescopic handle….

Take a Frugal Tip from the MeanyGoat and get the snow off your car roof, hood, trunk, headlights and number plates as soon as you can after it snows. Using a special tool will get the job done in just a few minutes and will avoid damage to you car. If you leave the snow then it will often freeze and take much longer to remove. If you try to ignore the snow and just drive off then it is dangerous for you as well as other road users….you will use more fuel and could risk being stopped and fined by the police! Get the snow off, it’s pretty much a no brainer really!

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