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How to Use a Winebox

How to use a Winebox - MeanyGoat

How to Use a Winebox – Get 3 Free Glasses of Wine!

Wineboxes can be an economic way to purchase wine….but did you know that you can get at least three extra glasses of wine out of every box? Learn how to use a winebox correctly and have a free drink courtesy of the MeanyGoat!!

Winebox History:

The Winebox was invented in 1965 by an Australian winemaker called Thomas Angrove. He had the idea of using a polythene bladder inside a carton, and the original boxes were pretty large at one gallon capacity. In 1967 Charles Malpas developed the idea further and patented the system we know today which uses a bag and an air tight tap. And so as they say….history was made!

Wineboxes originally had a “downmarket” image compared with bottles…and of course do not give the satisfying “plop” as there is no cork to remove. However, marketing soon kicked in and the winebox became more expensive per equivalent volume purchased by the bottle. The manufacturers had a big hit because  the production costs are much lower than for bottled wine. Eventually the prices stabilized and nowadays it is usually more economic to buy wine by the box than by the bottle…but always check the price per liter for comparison to make sure that you make the right frugal choice!

Advantages of the Winebox for the Frugal Wine Drinker:

If you learn how to use a winebox correctly then there are many advantages……

  • Low Cost: The price per liter of wine should be 10% to 20% cheaper than the equivalent quality purchased by the bottle
  • Less Recycling: The plastic liner can be disposed of in your regular garbage and there is just the carton to recycle, compost or use to light the fire
  • Drink What You Want: With a winebox it is very easy to have the medical “one glass of red wine a day” without being worried that “now the bottle is open I might as well finish it”!!
  • Stays Fresh: Since a winebox is airtight it does not oxidize once opened and so the contents should remain in good condition for a couple of months…but realistically even at one glass a day the winebox will never last that long!
  • Helps Reduce your Alcohol Consumption: The winebox means that you do not have to regulate your consumption by the bottle….”oooh, lets open another one”. Drinking by the glass should enable you to keep your alcohol consumption withing the medical guidelines much more easily since it removes the temptation to finish off the bottle. Just don’t try to finish off the box!

How to Use a Winebox Correctly:

When you know how to use a winebox correctly then you will easily get two or three glasses of wine out of every box!

  • When the winebox is nearly empty make sure that you dispense the wine either by holding the box at an angle or prop it up on a lump of wood or a book. It is important to stop any air getting into the bag via the tap otherwise the remaining wine will soon spoil.
  • When no more wine will come out of the box….cut the box open and remove the bag
  • Squeeze all the remaining wine down to the tap and then dispense into glasses
  • The last stage is to cut off the top of the bag with scissors and then really wring the plastic bag out and you should manage to obtain a third and final glass….one for the road if you are lucky!!!
Open the Winebox - MeanyGoat

When the Winebox is empty open it up to remove the plasic bag

There is more lest than you think - MeanyGoat

Let the wine drain down to the end where the tap is.....there will be a lot more than you think!

Sqeeze out the last of the Wine - MeanyGoat

Roll the bag up and squeeze the last drops out!

Free Wine:

Those last three glasses of wine will of course reduce the overall cost per glass for the whole winebox….this is frugal common sense! So take a tip from the MeanyGoat, drink sensibly within medical guidelines and enjoy yourself. Learn how to use a winebox correctly and you will get more wine for your money every time!!

Two Free Glasses of Wine - MeanyGoat

Cheers...a free one for the road!!!!


Lick the Winebox Dry - MeanyGoat

Don't forget the last stage of how to use a winebox....take Roz's advice and lick the plastic bag!


When discussing How to Use a Winebox with some colleagues at work Roz pointed out that I had omitted the very last stage. Once all the visible wine has been decanted safely into glasses you need to cut the bag right open and lick it dry! Thanks for that advice Roz!!! 😆


Any other bright ideas folks???


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  1. Very interesting post especially for wine lovers. Got impress with your trivia as well.


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