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How to Clean Spectacles

How to Clean Spectacles - MeanyGoat

How to Clean Spectacles Efficiently!

How to clean spectacles properly and without damaging the expensive lenses is really important to help you see clearly and to save you money. Do you wear spectacles, eyeglasses, reading glasses or sunglasses? Fed up with greasy lenses and expensive cleaning products? Lets review the methods available….the right and wrong ways….the expensive and cheap ways…..lets simply find the out how to clean spectacles most efficiently!

How to Clean Spectacles, Eyeglasses, Reading Glasses or Sun Glasses:

There are plenty of products out there that you can buy to clean your glasses…but there are also things that you can find around the house for free. Some of these are good, some are bad and some will really damage the lenses and coatings. So lets start by reviewing how to clean spectacles….

Lens Cleaning Cloth You will usually get one of these free when you buy your glasses. Breath on the lenses Yes YesNo, tend to be poor quality and leave smears
Specialist Lens Cloth The sort that you can buy from on opticians. Usually good quality and impregnated with a de-misting agent. Breath on the lenses to clean Yes NoYes, usually work well but require periodic replacement. Some can be washed
Pre-Packed Cleaning Cloth The sort of paper cloth soaked in a solvent based cleaner that is packed in a little sachet Yes NoYes, usually work really well but are single use so work out expensive. Good for traveling
Hand Soap and Water Wash under the tap with hand soap and water No YesNo, normal hand soap will often damage the coatings on your glasses due to the low pH
Dish Soap and Water Wash under the tap with dish soap and water (ie the kind of liquid soap used to wash dishes) Yes YesYes, gives good results and is safe to use
Saliva Yes you can use “spit” to clean most things. Then enzymes help dissolve the grease marks! Yes YesYes, requires rinsing and not good for polite company!

So these are the main ways how to clean spectacles…..from the table you can see that best frugal options are the dish soap and saliva. Of the two methods the dish soap gives slightly better results, but saliva is more reliable since it is always available!!!

How to Polish Spectacles:

Once you have cleaned your spectacles you then need to dry and polish them. This stage of the process also has the potential to damage the lenses if you are not careful…Before you polish your spectacles always make sure that any particles or grit have been completely removed from both sides of the lenses otherwise the polishing will grind the grit into the lens and scratch it.

Polish with Paper Towel Use kitchen towel to dry and polish your spectacles No No No, the high wood fiber content can easily scratch the lenses
Polish with Cotton Hanky Use an old fashioned clean cotton hanky Yes Yes No, tends to leave smears on the lenses
Polish with Paper Hanky Use a regular paper tissue No No No,can also contain a high wood fiber content which can scratch
Polish with Soft Toilet Paper Use nice soft toilet paper Yes No Yes, probably the most reliable method to use regularly
Leave to Dry in the Air Just leave your spectacles to dry naturally Yes Yes No, will leave annoying water drop marks
Specialist Cleaning ClothThe kind sold in an Opticians Yes No Yes, look for one that can be washed


Nasty Shiny Free Lens Cloth - MeanyGoat

Avoid the nasty shiny free cloth that you get given with every new pair of spectacles…these normally leave lots of smears!

Roundup of How to Clean Spectacles:

Having done a quick review of how to clean spectacles and then how to polish spectacles lets just review the main points again….

  • It is worth investing in a few of the pre-packed on-off cleaning cloths to keep for emergency use or when you are traveling
  • Normal day to day cleaning is best done under the tap with dish soap
  • Soft toilet paper is the safest material to use for polishing and will give a similar result to a specialist cleaning cloth
How to Clean Spectacles Under the Tap - MeanyGoat

Clean your glasses under the tap with a little dish soap on both surfaces. Never use hand soap!


Things to Avoid When Cleaning your Spectacles:

  • Make sure your cleaning process is gentle so as not to damage the lenses or the special coatings
  • Makes sure that your cleaning process has removed all sand, grit or particles otherwise you will damage the lenses when you polish
  • Never clean the glasses with hand soap as this can badly damage the lens coatings
  • Never polish your spectacles with any kind of hard paper material…wood fibers are very abrasive

How to Clean Spectacles the MeanyGoat Way:

As you may have guessed I do wear spectacles…and in fact have worn them since the age of four so have had many years of trial and error experiments in order to eventually find our how to clean spectacles efficiently without damaging them….and of course for free if possible! The first thing to remember is that it is worth taking time to learn how to clean spectacles since if you do it correctly the they will really last a long time. Washing under a running tap is always a good idea since this will remove particles which you would otherwise grind into the lenses. If you just use the old fashioned method of breathing on the lenses and then polishing there is a high risk of scratching the lenses.


So, how to clean spectacles the MeanyGoat way? When nobody is looking a bit of “spit and polish” is good providing you are sure that there are no particles of sand or dirt on the lenses…other wise the best method for daily cleaning is to use a small amount of dish soap on both sides of the lenses and wash thoroughly under a running tap…then polish very gently with a single piece of soft toilet paper. like this your spectacles and eyeglasses will last you a very long time and you will always be able to see clearly without any of those annoying spots and smears!

For some really detailed instructions then check the article in WikiHow

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