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How Much Electricity Does an Electric Blanket Use

How Much Electricity Does an Electric Blanket Use - MeanyGoat

How Much Electricity Does an Electric Blanket Use?

 If you think that electric blankets are dangerous and burn up electricity then think again. If you think that only people stuck in a 1970s time warp are still using them then think again! In 2008 the US Department of Energy rated the humble Electric Blanket as the most energy efficient home appliance. I know we have an instant distrust of all Government statistics, but this one just might help us to cut our winter fuel bills. So how much electricity does an electric blanket use? Not much at all, around 4 cents a night! Read on to discover the details…

Electric Blanket Electricity Consumption in Perspective:

Checkout some electric blankets. Most will have a maximum rating of around 150 watts and they have several settings and often a thermostat. This means that the average consumption will be around 40 or 50 watts. So you would need to run the electric blanket for 20 hours to use up just one unit of electricity! All in all this is a pretty frugal electrical appliance and can also help you to lower your overall heating costs by keeping your bedroom cooler.

  • A Typical Desktop PC uses 350 to 450 watts of electricity so will only run for 2 hours on one unit of electricity!
  • A typical refrigerator will cost around $100 a year to run…
  • Using an Electric blanket all winter (6 months) will cost under $10

Why use an Electric Blanket?

How Much Electricity Does an Electric Blanket Use - Turn down heating

How Much Electricity Does an Electric Blanket Use – Less than $10 a year and it will enable you to reduce your overall heating costs!

Ok, so we know that the most uncool domestic product is the Electric Blanket; but it only costs 10 bucks a year to run. So if you hate getting into a cold bed, or get cold feet really easily, then an electric blanket is starting to look like quite an interesting prospect. But if you look into this further then you will soon realize that your new best friend could not only pay for itself in a couple of months, but can also help you to reduce your overall heating costs. How so?

If you use an electric blanket in your bed then you can reduce the temperature of your bedroom dramatically without feeling cold!

How Much Electricity Does an Electric Blanket Use - Thermostat

How Much Electricity Does an Electric Blanket Use – Use a digital thermometer to check your bedroom temperature accurately…and then turn down the thermostat by at least 5 degrees when you use an electric blanket!

Use a digital thermometer to check the temperature of your bedroom during the night. Chances are that even if you have your heating run from a decent time-clock, and regulated by thermostats, that your bedroom is at least 65F (18.5C). By using an electric blanket you can adjust the heating to reduce the temperature by around 5 degrees. Over the whole heating season this could save you up to $150.  Not bad for a one off investment of $30 to $100… you will be well into profit after your first year!

Types of Electric Blanket:

In the old days there only used to be one type of electric blanket… the one with big scary cables in it that were uncomfortable to lie on and always kept you awake from fear of electrocution! Luckily times have changed and new technology has brought us very safe domestic appliances that are comfortable to use and very economical to run. How Much Electricity Does an Electric Blanket Use these days? Very little compared to other heating methods…

Throw over Blanket:

Some electric blankets are designed to “throw over” the bed. This way they can be stored in a cupboard on mild nights and only brought out when it is really cold. They are the most convenient to use but the least efficient since they are on top of the bed rather than inside it so much of the heat is lost to the room rather than retained in the bed.

Sunbeam Fleece Throw Electric Heated Warming Heating Blanket Home Choice, Seashell Off-White

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Under the Sheet Electric Blanket:

This type, often called an under-blanket,  is designed to by fitted on top of the mattress and secured by straps at each corner. The normal sheet is then put on top. These electric blankets are left in place during the winter and just switched on when needed. They more expensive but very efficient since they only heat the inside of the bed and both the mattress and the bedding act as insulation to keep the heat in.

Low Voltage Electric Blanket:

For people worried about electric safety then special low voltage versions are now available so everybody can sleep in peace! These are by far the safest choice.

Soft Heat Luxury Micro-Fleece Low-Voltage Electric Heated Queen Size Blanket, Natural

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 Take a Frugal Tip from the MeanyGoat: How Much Electricity Does an Electric Blanket Use… very little and for a modest investment you will soon get your money back many times over by being able to lower the temperature in your house during the night without feeling cold!

Here are some other ideas from the MeanyGoat to help keep you warm and toasty…

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