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How Much Electricity Does a Coffee Machine Use

How much electricity does a coffee machine use - MeanyGoat

How Much Electricity Does a Coffee Machine Use to Make Filter or Espresso Coffee?

While the judges are still out on the health debate about whether on not coffee is good for us we can still worry about the question “how much electricity does a coffee machine use”! We know a kettle uses up loads of electricity, but how does this compare with a coffee machine. What about the difference between Espresso coffee and Filter coffee; is one cheaper than the other? To answer these and many other related questions the MeanyGoat has just carried out a series of tests using an Energy Meter so that we have the real facts to examine. Read on to find out the intriguing answer!

Ways to Make Coffee:

There are quite a few ways to make coffee but the standard ones are as follows:

  • Kettle: Boil water and either pour into a cafetiere or use to make instant coffee
  • Espresso Machine: Forces nearly boiling water through ground coffee under pressure
  • Filter Coffee Machine: Heats water up to nearly boiling point and squirts it over the ground coffee held in the conical filter paper….gravity does the rest
  • Coffee Percolator: Similar to the filter method but without the filter. Water is recirculated through the grounds until it nearly reaches boiling point. This method has fallen out of fashion in recent years since it runs at a higher temperatures and can over-brew the coffee

In our tests we will check out boiling water with a kettle, using a filter machine and using an espresso machine. Once we have run the tests we will be able to determine how much electricity does a coffee machine use. Those horrible capsule things were not tested since they are just a waste of money and work out way more expensive than making coffee by another method.

Boiling Water With a Kettle:

In the MeanyGoat tests 1.25 liters of water took around 3 minutes to boil and consumed 0.12 KWH of electricity. 1 KWH of electricity is equal to “1 unit of electricity” as shown on your electricity bill. Check the cost per unit and then you can do a simple calculation. So for this example my electricity costs 0.09€ a unit and so the cost of boiling the kettle is 0.01€. So boiling water does not actually cost very much. The next step is to run the tests to see how much electricity does a coffee machine use.

Filter Coffee Machine:

how much electricity does a coffee machine use - filter

How much electricity does a coffee machine use – 10 cups of filter coffee on the way to find out!

The same 1.25 liters volume of water was poured into the filter coffee machine and the cycle ran to completion after around 5 minutes. The coffee machine used 0.11 KWH of electricity during the filter cycle but because it also has a hot plate to keep the coffee warm the total amount of electricity used was a higher in the end than using a kettle…0.13 KWH. Why did the filter cycle use less electricity than the kettle? Almost certainly because the overall temperature is slightly lower for the filter machine and the amount of water heated up in the heating chamber is quite small so the process is more efficient.

Espresso Coffee Machine:

how much electricity does a coffee machine use - Espresso

How much electricity does a coffee machine use – Two cups of Espresso on the way to find out!

While you can find individual espresso makers the MeanyGoat one sits on the side of the standard filter machine and dispenses two cups at a time. The overall volume of water used in the process is of course much less at only 200 Ml … over 6 times less water than in the other methods. However, the Espresso machine only used 0.05 KWH of electricity in total to make the two cups of coffee!

What do the Results Show?

Ok, so we have done the tests and we have the results..;what do they show and what do they mean? How much electricity does a coffee machine use??

MethodVolume of Water (L)Units of Electricity (KW/Hr)Cost per Unit €Cost €Annual Cost for 1 Jug a day €
Filter Coffee Machine1.
Electric Kettle1.
Espresso Machine (2 cups) (4 cups a day)

Well, we can see that on a annual basis the espresso method uses least electricity and so costs less. However, it is the least efficient since part of the electricity is used to heat the water and part to run the pump. If we made the same volume of coffee (1.25 Liters) as the other methods then it would actually cost over €10 a year! So if you like coffee then espresso definitely works out the cheapest in terms of energy costs. Otherwise it is around 8% cheaper to make coffee using a kettle rather than a filter machine. This is mainly due to the heating time for the hotplate to keep the coffee warm. If you make filter coffee and then immediately turn off the machine and either drink all the coffee or store it in a thermos flask then kettle and filter machine running costs are pretty much the same with the filter machine coming in just slightly cheaper.

So, How Much Electricity Does a Coffee Machine Use?

And the answer is not a lot…just a cent or a centime a brew which adds up to just 3 or 4 Dollars or Euros a year. Even so, there are energy saving choices to be made so that you can minimize the costs. Switching to espresso and at the same time cutting back on coffee could save a few dollars a year….it all adds up!

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Take a Frugal Tip from the MeanyGoat and start monitoring the energy your different appliances use…do a few calculations to work out the annual cost and then soo how you can reduce this by making smarter choices.

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