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Germinate Tomato Seed

Germinate Tomato Seed - MeanyGoat

How to Germinate Tomato Seed Quickly!

Learn the tricks needed to germinate tomato seed quickly so that you can grow a forest of tomato plants in your back yard this summer! With a single tomato plant often costing more than a whole packet of seeds, you can easily save money by growing your own from seed. Also by growing from seed you can choose the exact variety you want rather than just the two or three standard varieties usually available at the garden center. Germinate tomato seed at home to obtain low cost and healthy plants, followed by a bumper crop!

Step by Step Method to Germinate Tomato Seed:


Germinate Tomato Seed

Germinate Tomato Seed - Step 1Choose Your Variety If you learn how to germinate tomato seed at home then the great thing is that you have a huge choice of different varieties to choose from. You might prefer the big Beefsteak monsters or the tiny sweet cherry toms….alternatively there are the “Heritage” varieties that our grandparents used to grow which are often really interesting shapes and colors. The choice is yours! I like Sungold because it is a very high yielding sweet cherry tomato that is a lovely bright yellow color.
Germinate Tomato Seed - Step 2 Prepare the Germination BoxTo germinate tomato seed quickly and reliably, the best method is to use a little germination box. Hunt around for a small plastic box with an airtight lid...even an old margarine tub will do. Just line the bottom with a folded up paper towel. Finally wet the towel with water from the tap and just drain off any excess.
Germinate Tomato Seed - Step 3 Add the Tomato SeedsCarefully drop a few tomato seeds onto the surface of the wet paper towel. With this method you should get close to 100% germination so there is no need to use the whole packet. My packet of Sungold is a relatively expensive hybrid containing just 14 seeds so I have sown 7 this year and am keeping 7 for next year to minimize the cost.
Germinate Tomato Seed - Step 5 Put the Lid on and WaitFinally, breathe into the box to add some extra carbon dioxide, put the lid on and find a warm place to keep the box. The ideal temperature is around 20C and tomato seeds like some light for best germination…The kitchen table could be a good spot so that you can keep a regular eye on progress!

Growing On

Germinate Tomato Seed - Step 4Check Twice a Day Check the box twice a day for signs of germination. Look out for the tiny green leaves and a white root. If nothing has happened just breathe into the box again and put the lid back on.
Germinate Tomato Seed - Step 6Grow on in ModulesAs soon as the seeds start to germinate you need to get them out of the box and grow them on in modules. Fill your plastic modules (or cut off toilet rolls!) with seed compost and gently lift out each seed in turn using the end of a pencil or cocktail stick. Do not try to get them out with your fingers since you will be sure to break off the roots! Also if you have left the seedlings too long then sometimes the roots will grow into the paper towel. If this has happened, cut round it with scissors and put the whole lot in the module. Just cover the seedlings with more seed compost…give them a light mist spray to settle in and watch them grow!
Germinate Tomato Seed - Step 7 Plant OutAs the tomato plants get bigger just pot them on into next next size of pot. When all danger of frost has passed start putting the plants outside in the yard or on a balcony to “harden them off”…ie get the buggers used to the harsh world out there! After a few days you can plant them out in their final growing position…either in the ground, in pots or in grow bags. Plant them about a foot apart if you are putting them in open ground and tie the plant to a stake as it grows.
Germinate Tomato Seed - Step 8 HarvestTomatoes are really easy to grow…just keep them well watered and feed them with a liquid feed once a week. As they grow keep them tied to the stake and remove the side shoots. If you miss a few it doesn’t matter…just pinch the shoot out after the first flower truss. As soon as they turn color you can start picking them to eat and they should carry on fruiting until the first frosts arrive in the Autumn or Fall.

Tomato Seeds

Here are some more unusual varieties of Tomato Seeds to start your taste buds watering…..

Ferry Morse Heirloom Vegetable Garden

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1 used & new available from $7.16

Black Sea Man Tomato 10 Seeds – Heirloom

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Beefsteak Tomato Heirloom Certified Organic Seeds

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2 used & new available from $2.39


Sugar Sweetie Cherry Tomato – 30 Seeds – Organic

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Here are some useful reference books about how to germinate tomato seed and grow a successful crop…

 Final Thoughts on Growing Tomatoes:

Germinate Tomato Seed - Step 9

Try inter-cropping tomatoes and sweet corn …..they grow really well together and the corn helps to support the tall tomato plants!

Tomato and Sweet Corn make great companions both in the garden and in the kitchen! If you grow them together then the sturdy sweet corn plants will help to support the tomato plants and will also protect them if you have a storm or high winds. If you end up with a really successful crop and feel that you just can’t eat any more, don’t forget that tomatoes freeze really well so you can continue to eat them in the middle of winter:

If you have tomato overload then read this article for advice: Too Many Tomatoes

More advice on How to Grow Tomatoes: 8 Ways to Grow a Tomato Plant

Detailed Instructions on Pre-Germination Methods: Best Way to Germinate Seeds

Other Companion Planting Ideas: The Lost Art of Companion Planting

So take a Frugal Tip from the MeanyGoat and learn how to germinate tomato seed since it is a great introduction to gardening and is a foolproof way of having pounds of great tasting tomatoes to eat all summer long! You can start germinating tomato seeds in January and February for an early crop under cover. However you can carry on and sow again in April, May or even June! Later sowings soon catch up once the warm weather arrives!!!

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