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Frugal Valentine

Frugal Valentine - MeanyGoat

Become a Frugal Valentine!

As the Beatles sung in 1966 “Money can’t buy me love“, so think about the respect and affection you can earn from your partner by doing something personal and becoming a Frugal Valentine  this year. The average American Romantic shells out $126 on Valentine’s day gifts and this figure is increasing each year. These days that $126 is often spent ordering a gift online with a credit card…so increasing the overall debt burden. But it doesn’t stop there…the latest NRF research also shows that the average consumer also spends an additional $25 on Valentine gifts for other family members…and incredibly ANOTHER $5 on gifts for their pets!! Take a reality check and listen to the Beetles right now before you start planning this years Valentine spending spree….

Top Five Frugal Valentine Ideas:

Frugal Valentine Personalized Gift - MeanyGoat

Become a Frugal Valentine and invest time rather than money to make your gifts really meaningful and personalized…

  1. Make a Love Scrapbook: Hunt around for ticket stubs, restaurant receipts and of course photos from the good times you have spent together. Write a few words next to each as a reminder of the happy memory. This takes some time so is a real labor of love that will certainly be appreciated and cherished.
  2. Personalized Cookies: Use your home baking skills to create some original cookies with a special romantic message spelled out in icing! With a bit of creativity you can make a simple box out of card covered in nice recycled wrapping paper so that the cookies can be kept in the correct order. For small cookies put one letter on each. For larger ones you should have room for a whole word.
  3. Create your Own Restaurant: Prices always go up on February 14th and restaurants are usually overcrowded and fully booked…hardly the most romantic environment! Create your own secluded candle lit restaurant table in your own house or apartment complete with a scattering of hearts cut out of pink paper arranged on the tablecloth.
  4. Make your Own Bouquet of Flowers: The price of flowers and plants explodes at Valentine’s Day…so why not make your own bouquet out of whatever garden or wild plants and flowers you have to hand? Evergreen leaves always make a good backdrop for any brightly colored flowers you can find…or you can try your hand at adding some homemade silk paper flowers decorated with your partners favorite chocolates!
  5. An Early Night: The most romantic gift of all is of course yourself. Have a quiet night in and take the time to talk and share some special moments…with all the mobile phones switched off! All too often in the busy modern world couples don’t carve out time to just sit and talk. More often there will be a rushed and frustrating meal in a busy restaurant with both of you constantly checking messages on your phones…or even worse playing games!

By the Way, What is the Origin of Valentine’s Day?

Frugal Valentine Romantic - MeanyGoat

A romantic day to exchange personal tokens and symbols of love and affection….rather than just ordering some tacky gift online with your credit card…and your pets really don’t need presents!

The Frugal Valentine needs to know the background and history of that special day! The real origin was to celebrate the martyrdom of  Saint Valentine who was imprisoned in Roman times for carrying out illegal marriages for soldiers and Christians. Later, in the Middle Ages, Geoffry Chaucer, the writer, started using it in a romantic context and by the 15th Century it had pretty much evolved into a “non commercialized” version of what we have today where lovers would exchange tokens and symbols as an expression of love.

So there you go, you are all set for the most romantic Valentine’s Day yet…fully armed with both the history and a whole clutch of great ideas that will show you really care because you have personally invested time and effort rather than just entering your credit card details online and pressing “order”!!!

Take a Frugal Tip from the Meany Goat…surprise your lover and become a Frugal Valentine this year….keep your credit card in your pocket and mobile phone switched off and prepare for a really romantic evening together!

Click this link to discover the details about Valentine’s Day Spending Habits

How about adding your favorite frugal Valentine’s Day ideas in the comments below….

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