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Frugal Organization

Frugal Organization - MeanyGoat

De-clutter your life with Frugal Organization:

A room full of junk is a sign of two things….a) you don’t know what you’ve got and b) a huge resource waiting for you to unlock. Read on to find out how to harness key organizational skills to make you more efficient in your daily life and save money along the way – Frugal Organization is the name of the game!

Why you need to get Organized:

Everything in it’s place…and a place for everything. I bet you can remember your parents and teachers saying that, but how many of us really took any notice? Put simply, if you look after your possessions, and keep them clean and tidy ,then you will know exactly what you’ve got, and that care & attention will make them last longer. If you don’t know what you’ve got then the chances are you will go out and buy another XYZ Widget Basher when you already have at least 5 scattered around the house and garage!

How to get Organized:

The hard part of getting organized is the initial input of time….but once you have done it then you just have to put thinks back in the right place and the system looks after itself. So here is the Frugal Organization Plan to help you kickstart the process:

  1. 1) De-junk one room at a time…if you cant face that then do one cupboard at a time
  2. 2) Sort things out ruthlessly otherwise you are wasting your time
  3. 3) Things to KEEP, things to SELL and things to RECYCLE (which includes composting for the garden & burning on your log fire)
  4. 4) Humans tend to be natural “hoarders” and so you really need to be realistic – If you haven’t used something for a year then sell it, swap it, give it to charity or recycle it
  5. 5) Once you have de-junked then put things back in the available space in a logical order so that it you can see what you have and can easily keep it tidy in the future
  6. 6) If your stuff will not fit back into the available space then go back around the de-junking cycle and get rid of more stuff

The Benefits of being a bit more Organized:

Get Organized - MeanyGoat

Recycling bins on the bottom shelf!

So you know about the theory….in practice humans are a bit lazy and so it takes a while to get good at this sort of thing. Sometimes it is hard to let go of sentimental possessions. Don’t worry, it is an ongoing process & you will get better at it. So once the de-junking and tidying is over what is the big benefit?

  1. 1) You know exactly what you have so there is no risk of buying a duplicate by mistake
  2. 2) Everything is neat & tidy so your weekly housework becomes much easier & quicker
  3. 3) Your house or apartment looks better so you feel better!
  4. 4) You have found things that you can sell or trade which is great for the bank balance

The Last Word:

The steps in the de-junking are just the same for a garage full of tools or a drawer full of utility bills. Paperwork is often harder for most people to sort out since we are reluctant to get rid of important documents & some have to be kept for many years for legal reason anyway. Don’t get downhearted, once you get rid of the unnecessary papers…the covering letter, the envelope & the brochure….then there won’t be that much left. Sort them into date order, put them in clearly labelled boxes or files….only keep the current year to hand and put the rest in the loft. For normal documents you can just rotate the boxes and after 10 years max you can shred or burn the first lot!
Give it a try and see how much more time and money you get once you have carried out a bit of Frugal Organization….

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