Frugal Dejunking Tips

Why Frugal Dejunking Makes Sense!

Modern products just last for ages, and since we keep buying all the “latest stuff” our living spaces can soon become cluttered and our cupboards full to overflowing. Enter the MeanyGoat with some practical dejunking tips that will help to get you organized and save you some money into the bargain! Discover that less really is more. Learn that the less stuff you have the more space you have!

Frugal Dejunking Tips:

First the lecture……


Dejunking is a Lifestyle Choice

If you dejunk as you go along then it takes just minutes

If you do nothing for 10 years then it will take you weeks of heartache and hard work!

……Now the Solution!

The Blitz

Dejunking Tips – Start with a “blitz session” to get things rolling…..

  • Simply go round each room and look at what you see
  • Make a list of what you want to change
  • Identify any furniture to move to another room, give away or sell
  • Set yourself a deadline (eg the end of the week) and then make the big changes

It is best to tackle one room at a time initially to avoid being overwhelmed. The main objective is to make space and ideally find some furniture you can sell.

Detailed Dejunking

Dejunking Tips: Once you have been round all the main living spaces in your house or apartment it is time to get stuck into the details one room at a time:

  • Methodically go through each section of the room and look at each object you come across
  • Decide if you need it (eg TV remote!), want it because you like it…or just have it because it was given to you or you bought it as a holiday souvenier
  • If you don’t need it and don’t specially like it then put it on one side
  • Next go through each cupboard, drawer and storage space and do the same

Dejunking Tips: Chances are that you  will end up with a big pile of things that you own but don’t use, need or specially like. Sort out this pile ruthlessly using the “Three Box System”

  • Box One: Things you can sell eg on eBay
  • Box Two: Things you can give away, eg either to your kids, neighbors or to a charity
  • Box Three: Things that really are just trash and you need to dispose of or recycle

Steady State Dejunking

Once you have carried out the “Blitz” and done some detailed dejunking then the main tasks are complete. However, unless you make some lifestyle changes you will end up in the same cluttered state again in a few months time! Steady State Dejunking simply means that for every new item you buy you need to find an equivalent item to sell, give away or put in the trash.


Steady State Dejunking = One in One Out!



Quite simply if you don’t do this “one in one out” then in no time all the possessions will build up again and you will be back to square one!

Aggressive Dejunking

If you really feel that you are a hoarder by nature then a good option to try is Aggressive Dejunking…this takes “one in one out” a step further and becomes “one in TWO out”. Holy cow…one in two out is tough, but if you can really start making that change then little by little your whole living space will start to get condensed so that you only have things that you really need and things that you really like.

Aggressive Dejunking = One in TWO Out!

After a few months of Aggressive Dejunking you can then revert back to Steady State Dejunking which should mean that you never get overwhelmed again. If you find that possessions are starting to accumulate again then you can switch back to “One in Two Out” until you are back in control. Obviously Birthdays and Christmas are the prime crisis points when a whole tsunami of unwanted gifts can arrive!


How to Deal With Crisis Points:

Close the Door Dejunking!Birthdays, Christmas, family visits, vacations…..these are all potential crisis points when you can suddenly become overwhelmed with new possessions! The first thing to do is to talk to your family and friends so that they all know that you are trying to dejunk. You never know, if you explain the benefits to them they might also start simplifying their lives! In any event you have to make a clear statement that you really don’t want or need any more possessions. There are then plenty of options left open for low value or consumable gifts. Personally I would far prefer a being given a bag of homegrown tomatoes or a home baked loaf than being given the latest novel that I probably won’t get around to reading anyway. Everyone is different, but for sure it is critical that you decide what works best for you and then communicate it to your friends and family in a positive way! You can’t just shove everything in the cupboard and close the door for ever!

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How Dejunking Saves You Money:

Ok, if you have read this far then you have already bought into the idea that you need to dejunk. But apart from more space and a tidier house are there any other benefits….will it save me money or can I make money?

  • Use your “Three Box System” and try to identify items that you don’t need but can sell. Use eBay, a garage sale or local free advertising. Anything you get is money in your pocket
  • Old Mobile Phones contain valuable gold and other resources so there are special websites where you can check the value…just Google it
  • How many times do you come back from shopping to discover that you already have the item you just bought at home? Well, if you dejunk it is much easier to keep track of what you’ve got so you are far less likely to make a mistake.
  • Using the “One in One Out” system should make you think about each new purchase more carefully…if you really want that new pullover which old one are going to get rid of? For sure you will buy less and appreciate what you have much more.

Just get into the habit of questioning all your purchases…do I really need this? If in doubt then leave it until next week and see how you feel then…at which time either the item will have been sold, or you will have decided you didn’t need it anyway…..either way you start to save money quickly and easily!

Here is a nice list of practical steps to follow when dejunking your home: Tips to Dejunk Your Home

Take a Frugal Tip from the MeanyGoat and start dejunking your rooms one by one right now…the sooner you start the sooner you can sell some stuff and save money! The less stuff you have then the more space you will have in your home… and it will be quicker to clean as well!!

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