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Corporate Bloat

Corporate Bloat - MeanyGoat

Corporate Bloat and the Rise of the Very Fat Cats!

Corporate Bloat is a very specific term used to describe organizations that have become inefficient through increased numbers of superfluous upper and senior management. Too many chiefs and not enough Indians…or in the case of the Corporation I used to work for  practically no Indians and plenty of very Fat Cats! Read on to discover the truth about what is going on and why the cats are getting fatter!

The Corporate Food Pyramid:

Corporate Bloat - Free Lunches

Endless Free Business Lunches Create Corporate Bloat!

If you work for one of the big corporations then look around at your workplace and chances are that the senior management is dominated by vastly overindulged individuals. These are guys who are used to getting their own way and so surround themselves with the “Yes Men” that we are so familiar with. However, things have gone even further now with the rise of “Group Speak” where everybody agrees with everybody else and the bosses only get to hear the good news. But not only do these Fat Cats overindulge in their power fantasies they also live off expenses. We are all familiar with a regular “Food Pyramid” from our biology lessons at school. At the bottom are the micro-organisms, then the insects, animals and birds and finally at the top the predators. Well a business runs the same way. But there is a parallel process going on as well. The higher up the corporate ladder you climb the more access you have to business class travel, overnight hotel stays and regular business lunches….all on expenses. So the predators running our corporations are becoming fatter by the minute…literally!

A Gallup Poll during 2012 found that the average American family spend $151 a week on food with one in 10 spending more than $300 a week and 8% spending less than $50 a week. While higher income brackets also reported spending slightly above average for their weekly food bill the survey did not ask questions relating to how many free meals or business lunches were consumed. Had they done so we would certainly have seen confirmation of what we see every day in the office with the guys at the top also being the biggest consumers in the free food trough.

Let Them Eat Cake!

Corporate Bloat - Let them Eat Cake

Corporate Bloat…..let them eat as much cake as they want!!!

We should not resent this seemingly unfair advantage that the bosses have over us whereby, not only do they get paid unreasonably large amounts of money and gain zillions of free air miles, but they also get fed for free as well! Why not? Just think about it...let them eat cake, and then let them eat even more cake. They might be rolling in money but they are also typically unfit, overweight and unhealthy. Only when it is too late will they realize that they are actually going to have a pretty short life coming to an abrupt end with lifestyle induced cancer or coronary failure.

The Frugal Fortune:

Corporate Bloat - Living off Expenses

Avoid Corporate Bloat by leveraging your Fugal Lifestyle. Live a simple debt free life and you will save a fortune and outlive the Fat Cats and Boardroom Bullies!

In contrast, those of us who follow a more frugal lifestyle are likely to outlive these corporate dinosaurs by several decades. You don’t need a lot of money to live a happy and healthy life. By preparing and cooking your own food you are far more likely to make healthy choices and exercise portion control. By learning to value what you have, and making sure you have no debts or credit means that Boardroom Bullies lose their control over you…and in fact you are the one that ends up in the position of power. It is no surprise that the profile for fast-track promotion in the major corporations is young, married, several kids and a big mortgage. These poor suckers are completely trapped and have no option but compete with each other like gladiators with only one in a hundred ever achieving a worthwhile career. And the rest? Burnout, nervous breakdowns, suicides, bankruptcy…Eventually most of them end up in middle management positions up to their eyeballs in debt for the rest of their working lives.

Take a Tip from the Meany Goat and use your Frugal Skills to outwit the Fat Cats and keep a wry smile on your face knowing that in all probability you will long outlive the sufferers of Corporate Bloat!

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